Next it will have to be the Paulette\Paul (Prudhomme) project I suppose

Thanks to my dear friends at Chowhound I’ve recently discovered a new favorite blog (sorry, Jay, but this one is too up my alley). The Julie/Julia Project is the daily adventures of a woman who is trying to work her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cookery and have a life at the same time. I felt a particular kinship with her while reading of her unfortunately textured orange mousse; her liquid mess seemed like the perfect complement to the solid mass of cornmeal and buttermilk that took two extra cooks and all of the remaining milk and eggs in the house to turn into cornbread last Sunday.

I’m starting to imagine Julie as looking like a cross between Lucille Ball in her I Love Lucy days and Janeane Garafolo. Don’t ask me why. I’m a strangely visual person.

A passage that had me laughing out loud from today’s posting:

“The only annoyance was the rice ā€“ Iā€™d cooked it and cooked it, but it just remained kinda hard in the middle. Maybe I bought crappy rice ā€“ I did get it from one of the delis at Queensborough Plaza, it had probably been sitting there for a decade or so. Or do drug dealers and strip club dancers make a lot of rice?

“Eric keeps pushing for a rice maker, but I say no. Rice makers are for the Japanese and pansies.”

Oh can I identify with that sentiment! It’s exactly the same wrong-headed type of idea that keeps me resisting the entreaties of one friend to accept her extra pressure cooker. She insists that lentil soup can be made in 15 minutes. But I love the lingering smell of soup simmering for hours on the stove, as well as the drama of how it will turn out in the end, since, as we all know, I never remember how I cooked anything the last time and sort of wind up reinventing the wheel everytime I step up to the chopping board. Ok, so it’s usually a three hour drama from start to finish with bean soups, but, hey, The Godfather clocked in about that long and it was, er, stirring from beginning to end.

The more I read, the more I’m getting to like our dear Miss Julie, especially when she ponders whether there is anything more heavenly that one can do to a vegetable than wrap it in pork products and smother it in cream. We may be soul sisters. (One of these days, I’ll expound here on my theory about how we really should explore the possibility of trying to settle some of the touchier global conflicts currently a-brewing with a big old pig roast.)

I bet Julie would love Calvin too. Now we could have some serious fun, the three of us, making a huge mess of the kitchen, looking for new things to wrap in pork and/or deep fry, and maybe watching some great food movies like Big Night or Tortilla Soup.

Without new episodes of the Sopranos until sometime in God knows when, I’m glad I’ve at least got this enthralling serial to keep me going for a while.