March 27, 2003

It's So Sad

Yesterday I went to to the American Embassy here in Moscow to pick up my new passport. The whole "get a new passport ordeal" could be chronicled under hassles and hazzards but I'm still too traumatized to discuss it. Anyway, boy have things changed at the Embassy in two weeks' time. Our embassy is situated on a thoroughfare recently widened to allow President Putin fast access to the Kremlin. Why he isn't supplied a helicopter to save all us peons from the traffic stoppage is beyond me! Anyway, there is security out the wazoo there now--literally hundreds of KGB types with BIG guns. No one is allowed to walk along the sidewalk in front of the embassy. I had to show my passport in order to get anywhere near. Once through the first wall of defense, I was interrogated, went through two secured doors, through a metal detector, then was thoroughly searched. (Jay, remind you of trying to get out of the Moscow airport?) I felt like a fool walking in to my own embassy crying.

You know the feeling you get in America when you see Old Glory flying? Or when you return to America and first see the American flag at the airpport? Well, that's how I feel when I'm in another country and drive by the American Embassy. I feel proud and am proud to be an American. Well, yesterday that sentiment didn't change but it was just so very sad to really feel that the whole world is against us. I can only hope it's temporary.

Earlier in the day I was on a tour with a group of American ladies of the famous Russian painter's home, Victor Vasnethsoy. While entering the house, we encountered a group of Russian school children. One boy, approximately ten years of age, was using us to brush up on his English. He called us American prostitutes and said he wished we'd just go back home. Now I kinda want to....

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