March 13, 2003

The Kitchen Sink

Since my return from Oklahoma mid February, I have been arguing with the landlady over my slow-draining kitchen sink. Since she and I don't speak the same language, we have to use intermediaries, our respective realtors. Unfortunately for me, neither of these two women speak much English either. Here's a typical conversation:

Me: Natalia, my kitchen sink is not draining.

Natalia (Landlady's Realtor): Your maid told the landlady that you are putting the earth down the sink.

Me: The "earth"?

Natalia: Yes, from your plants.

Me: You must mean "soil" and, no, I have not.

That was conversation no. 3 in which I've tried to get the sink repaired. Finally, a plumber, known as a "meister", shows up with a plunger. He plunged away for about 45 minutes and for two days afterwards, I had an improved, but certainly not repaired, sink. Later that same week, the sink no longer drained so...

Conversation no. 4 went something like this:

Natalia: The landlady says you are using the sink as a garbage disposal and in Moscow we don't have garbage disposals so you must put wires over your sink.

Me: If you mean a "strainer", I have done that. Also, I am fully aware that I currently don't have a garbage disposal.

Natalia: Well, the landlady doesn't know what to do about the sink. She can't afford to have any one else come look at it and she is still thinking what to do.

Me: Rick's company is paying her $7,000 per month for this apartment and for that price, I DESERVE A WORKING SINK. I must hear back from you tomorrow (Thursday) with a plan for repairing the sink by the weekend.

Natalie: Okay, I'll get back to you tomorrow.

Today is tomorrow and still no word from Natalia. I am afraid that soon the doorbell will ring and it will be the "meister" back with the plunger. Any ideas what I can tell him to do with the plunger?

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