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January 02, 2005

Now let us praise famous fascists

A recent post by Digby over at Hullabaloo has made me realize that perhaps the best thing I could do as a blogger is to focus on Focus on the Family and its Christofascist founder James Dobson. As it happens, Dobson is a Nazarene and so I grew up hearing lots about him. People I know well (and know to be terrible frauds and probably felons) work in his organization. I don't really hate anyone, but as Dobson has risen from mere pontificator to the self-appointed pontiff of the Evangelical extremist right he has come close.

As my father would say, though, don't get mad-- get even. Since Dobson's face appears in the dictionary next to the phrase "holier-than-thou," I think it's high time that people begin to apply serious scrutiny to his beliefs, his organizations, and his actions. Expect more here soon.

But to start, read Digby's post about Dobson's description of beating the family dog, a 12-pound dachshund... from his book on Christian child-rearing Dare to Discipline. If a dog-beater's notes on parenting don't strike your fancy, read this mid-90s expose by a former Focus on the Family vice-president. It was a scary read back in the '90s when Dobson was still relatively obscure. Now that his threats to politicians are big news, it's even scarier.