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March 13, 2005

Blogging showdown

More later on why I'm a tiny bit worse for the wear this morning, but I made it more or less on time to the Blogging Showdown panel, featuring the creators and/or product managers of MovableType, Blogger, Inknoise and Wordpress. I'm evaluating Inknoise and Wordpress for a couple of clients right now--MovableType is just too expensive and there are limitations on numbers of authors and the like. [Nonfamous runs on an earlier version of MT without these limitations.]

Matt Mullenweg, who created Wordpress [an open-source blog engine that is everyone's new favorite] is just a doll... totally soft-spoken, not a coder by trade, and a real SXSW success story. He spoke yesterday about coming two years ago by borrowing his parents' gas card to drive up from Houston and overdrawing his bank account for the registration. His experiences led him to create Wordpress. It was unknown at last year's conference, but this year it's the hot new app. Pretty impressive.

I just listened to Anil Dash of SixApart [which owns MT] talk about the failure of MT to deal robustly with comment spam early on. I still don't think they have really integrated the Blacklist and other spam fighting features very effectively, and if we move from MT this will be why. Barring that, I think we are going to have to move to requiring registration for comments.

Mullenweg is talking about Wordpress's comment moderation queue-- basically, comments are flagged if they contain certain words or have certain characteristics. These flagged comments don't show up without site owner approval. He also just said that his integrated whitelist/blacklist and other technologies are almost 100% effective in blocking comment spam--but trackback spam is much tougher because of its machine-machine orientation. Pretty compelling. [By comparison, SixApart's Guide to Combatting Spam starts with "Upgrade to the latest version of MT" and doesn't offer much help if you don't.

Now they are talking about the blogging backlash-- "Blogging will get you fired!" Dash made a good comment--that many more people have been fired for emailing than for blogging. It's pretty common sense, as Matt Mullenweg pointed out: if you're worried, don't post anything you wouldn't want your mom and your CEO to read.

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