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March 10, 2005

Peanut Butter for Grownups

I rent my place out every winter while I travel. One of the funny little fringe bennies of doing that are the surprises I find in my house when I get home. Last year I came home to a new toaster, a stunning array of pancake mixes, and an excellent Tefal skillet on which to cook the aforementioned pancakes.

This year I found a first rate citrus squeezer, a freezer full of chicken breasts and caviar (no kidding!) and the most delicious thing I've had on toast ever: Cashew Butter from Urban Pantry. It's awesome. It's made with a little bit of hot chili oil so it has the tiniest bite. Get some here.

Tip: You have to take it out of the fridge well before you use it, it sets up to a rather odd consistency that's nigh unspreadable.

Also, in case you're wondering where I get these miraculous short term renters: Craig's List, of course.

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