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March 08, 2005

Power Point as Performance Art

We've discussed this before. But now one of my personal idols, David Byrne, has tossed in his $.02 (or $80 for the book). Mr. Byrne gave a lecture at the UW Sunday night and received a very favorable review from the Seattle Times' Thaddeus Hanscom:

In one moment, he detailed PowerPoint absurdities on the World Wide Web: Shakespeare explained in five bullet points! Moral and spiritual instruction given in four!

In the next, he gracefully shifted gears, challenging a Yale professor's criticism of PowerPoint for its failure to appreciate slides in the larger context of audience and speaker. Byrne argued that these three dimensions make slides, themselves, much more than just words on the screen. Invoking the late media critic Marshall McLuhan, he pointed out that you should not forget the presenter when discussing a presentation.

Regardless of the topic, I doubt anyone could forget David Byrne on any stage.

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