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February 16, 2005

Wanted a mandate, got a man-whore

I am remiss in not having written about the "Jeff Gannon"/Jim Guckert affair before now. Why, you ask? After a long season of political news that made me so angry I simply had to write it out, I've been too busy laughing my ass off about this story to get behind the keyboard!

For those of you who have been under a rock, read Kos, World O'Crap or, most especially, AmericaBlog--or, wow, the Washington Post's Howie Kurtz for whom the appearance of Guckert's naughty bits seems to raised the new value of the whole sordid story.

Suffice it to say, this is the story I've been waiting for--the story that proves that there is some justice in the world, right at the intersection of Hubris Street and Hypocrisy Avenue. More than that, it proves that trying to simultaneously repress and exploit the gay community is a bad idea--when you push us too hard, secrets you thought were safely hidden will find a way out of the closet.

This is also the story that Orwell would have loved. The White House's obsessive message control, endless repetition of inane talking points and distaste for the "reality-based community" have created a situation in which their dependence on right-wing media whores has culminated in the appearance, right there in the White House press room, of a real whore. They have gone--with amazing speed--from partisans who shill for money to those who fuck for it.

The right has seized on the idea that we left-bloggers are "invading Guckert's private life." No, in fact, we are exploring his professional life. If you doubt this, imagine the scandal that would result if we learned that Maureen Dowd were giving handjobs for $10 in the stairwells of the Times' headquarters! To the great chagrin of the right in this country, we have an expectation that people earning a living as members of the "fourth estate" are not simultaneously turning tricks. [Although perhaps they are preparing us for a "free market" future in the "ownership society" they are pushing, where we might have to get used to seeing grandma turning tricks on the corner so she can afford a nice cat food dinner.]

AmericaBlog's John Aravosis, who helped break this story, has an appropriately outraged
post today about the right wing's faux outrage that somehow left-bloggers are homophobic to be following this story. He's mad enough for both of us, and I hope I don't have to spell out how ridiculous this is. It's really only a valid argument if you think "homosexual prostitute" is a morally redundant phrase.

Many people have said this more eloquently, so I'll say it bluntly: can you fucking imagine what would have happened if Clinton had let a gay male prostitute into regular briefings? It would have made Monicagate look minor by comparison. [I sure am glad Bush has "restored honor to the White House" like he promised in his 2000 campaign!]

So I'll write more later, and add in some choice links from this post, but I needed to get on the record. My final comment is this: if we Democrats don't flog Bush with this endlessly over the next few news cycles, we're total idiots. The Republicans don't just live in the gutter of personal attacks, they dug it! (Don't believe me? Think of the GOP comparing legless, armless war vet Max Cleland to Osama bin Laden. Shameful.) None of this "don't stoop to their level" bullshit. They own all three branches and have loyal mouthpieces in the media-- they set the rules of this game and if we are not complete idiots we will play those rules right to the foul line. I, for one, plan on really enjoying watching these sad old elephants sweat.

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i'm still waiting for gannon/guckert to get a subpoena over the plame memo. wouldn't it be fun if he had a connection with novak? :)

Posted by: jason on February 17, 2005 10:43 AM
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