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February 12, 2005

Our little cupcake really is Royale now!


LONDON/SEATTLE (AFP) - Prince Charles and CC Royale embarked on a two-month engagement ahead of their wedding, which will make official a longtime relationship notorious for its role in bringing together the Royal Family and the British gay community. While CC Royale adamantly denies that she is a transsexual, rumors are flying faster then CC Royale on a broom.

In a first public appearance following the announcement on Thursday, the couple appeared at Windsor Castle. While Charles stood quietly by, CC Royale broke out in an impromptu number of “I Will Survive.”

A beaming Royale (known to friends as Cupcake) sported a full-length fuchsia evening gown and a platinum diamond engagement ring -- a royal heirloom -- and said Charles had proposed to her on bended knee just before taking her doggie style.

The engagement, which gained approval from Charles' mother Queen Elizabeth II, the gang down at Destiny’s Karaoke (news - web sites) and his sons, princes William and Harry, was feted at Windsor with a gala dinner for 250 guests.

But in an apparent bid to counter criticism of their match, the couple have opted for a modest, private ceremony and announced that Royale will not seek to be queen. “Not until that tired old bitch is dead,” said CC Royale.

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This is making me laugh and laugh and laugh. Because right now, as a type, I am sitting in England. And everywhere all over the papers, every single paper, is the engagement of Chaz and Milla. I mean CC. She looks different in this picture than the one on the Observer that's lying on the floor just over there...

Posted by: pam on February 13, 2005 05:55 AM

Well, Charles certainly could not have done better than our CC. And regardless of royal ceremonies, she's quite the queen in my book.

Posted by: paulette on February 14, 2005 10:30 AM
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