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January 19, 2005

Spoilsports, Part II

Hey, this looks kind of familiar. It's not exactly the same as the inauguration story, but the sentiments are all deja vu.

Alfred Gusenbauer, leader of the opposition Social Democrats, vehemently disagrees. Gusenbauer says it's inconceivable that the wealthy and powerful should waltz in all their finery while others mourn their dead.

Is there a theme emerging?

Posted by pam at January 19, 2005 10:26 AM | TrackBack
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Hey if they raise cash to benefit the tsunami victims then I say waltz your little slippers off!

Posted by: terry on January 19, 2005 01:00 PM

This does not, of course, apply to sitting presidents who started optional wars without exit strategies... but I think Opera Balls and the like should go on. By the logic of the leader of the Social Democrats, I think we would all have to sit around in sackcloth and ashes all the time. Terrible as the tsunami was, it is sadly a drop in the bucket when you look at famine, disease, war, and even accidental death worldwide.

I definitely do like the logic, however, that any fancy-pants event should raise money for some humanitarian cause. As Jesus said, "The poor will always be with us." I just read that as a promise, by the way, not a threat: there will always be more for us to do, and there is no "enough" to our efforts on their behalf.

Posted by: jay on January 19, 2005 02:17 PM

My dirty little not-so-secret is that I LOVE to watch the Opernball on TV. I love to watch the National Ballet open the ball, I love the promenade, I love making fun of the debutantes, I love finding out which supposedly controversial guest Dickie Lugner is bringing (this year it's former Spice girl Gerri Halliwell, yawn), I love the PC celebrity flap, I love the riots outside, I love it. (Inauguration festivities, on the other hand, bore me. Go figure.)

One year we were in front of the Opera House on Ball night and J. had to DRAG me away, I could not stop staring and pointing. The Opernball is the most glamourous thing I've ever been close to, which isn't saying much, as I live pretty low on the glam-o-meter. Still.

But it has been controversial here for years now because it's not known as a charity event. Currently the Opera Committee is auctioning off ONE box on eBay and that's where the charity money will come from, not from total the ticket sales. The rest of the money goes to, well, I don't know. I'm looking in to it.

Posted by: pam on January 19, 2005 10:51 PM
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