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January 07, 2005

republicans are creepy

Republicans in Virginia are even creepier. You thought Virginia was for haters? Well, it's also apparently for creepy legislators who would jail a woman for having a miscarriage. That is, unless she reports it to the police within 12 hours. You can read more about it on Daily Kos.

I'm also creeped out by the designation of a fetus as a "product of conception." Although this is obviously an attempt to advance an anti-abortion agenda by making the "death" of a few cells (since the law does not specify a gestational stage after which it would be necessary to report it) something for the police to get involved in, and although it's extremely creepy to pass a law making something so personal and potentially painful into a humiliating public event, the designation "product of conception" has a very cold, dehumanizing sound that seems not to advance the thinking of a fetus as a person.

But then again, fetuses can't donate to the Republican party.

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