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January 01, 2005

I Want To Be More Like the Ocean

No talkin', man, all action.

Do you ever feel like the new year is not timed correctly? I celebrated this one, but in my heart, it's really still months away. Why?

My recent unemployed months have provided significant clarity on the last five years— more than I would have guessed from the dim visions glimpsed in that time, especially lately. In many good ways, I now feel like the me whom I was constructing in '99, a re-alignment that probably wouldn't have been possible without the time off (or at least, not while still holding the particular job that I had).

Now I can't make up for lost time fast enough, and I'm busy making corrections— the new year should have come with the lay off or waited until, uh, some vague sense of completion.

Maybe later I'll declare my own personal new year.

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