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December 23, 2004

The blowjob that ate India

...or at least eBay's Indian subsidiary.

Tech execs here ought to think hard about the right's new push for tougher indecency laws in the states. A new law in India landed the CEO of the company in an infamous Indian jail, despite the company's rapid removal of the offending content. It's a strange story that is illustrative of the undertow created when technology, business, and sex intertwine. The UK Guardian hasthe whole story.

To the Indian schoolboy, it must have seemed like an ingenious if indelicate use of new technology.

But when the 17-year-old used his mobile phone camera to record his girlfriend giving him oral sex he could have had little idea of the far-reaching global consequences.

By yesterday, his ungentlemanly act had provoked a scandal that was dominating every Indian newspaper, the chief executive of a major company had been jailed, and a major diplomatic row was brewing between India and America, with Condoleezza Rice reported to be at the fore.

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"...India's powerful software industry lobby group has called for Mr Bajaj's immediate release.

"In such a situation, the arrest and detention of Mr Bajaj is uncalled for and not expected in a mature democracy like ours," the National Association of Software and Service Companies said."

In other words, "Mr. American Software Executive, please don't stop sending work over here to our country! We promise this won't happen again if you continue to do business with us!" The real news in this is the panic on the faces of the outsource vendors and their representatives in government.

It must be the Muslim influence on the Indian society that has created such a conservative environment. I mean, after all, this is the country that gave us the Kama Sutra (blow jobs are on page 345, I think).

Posted by: terry on December 23, 2004 06:40 PM

The Kama Sutra and a sexually liberated society aren't synonymous. HOW you do it is totally independent of WHO you do it with and WHERE you do it. Also, the Kama Sutra is really about you and your partner, not so much about you and everyone on the Internet. Though, wait a minute. Those Mughal artists DID make some nice porn.

It kills me that Condi is - um - on the job here. Is this to be her first act in the ground as Powell's replacement? What about the moral hairsplitting? Janet's breast equaled a hefty fine, but when other nations enforce a similar standard of morality, we intervene to protect a sacred CEO?

Posted by: pam on December 23, 2004 10:36 PM
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