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December 22, 2004

What do Washington State and the Ukraine have in common?

They're both still getting out from under their elections! Okay, Washington State has no seedy poisoning accusations, but still.

I was stunned to see in the WaPo this morning that the spread has narrowed to ten votes - in Gregoire's favor!

I'll say it again: I never liked Christine Gregoire for governor. I thought she was in denial about the state of Washington's badly overdrawn infrastructure. I thought her stand against a state income tax while saying nothing against the regressive taxes that keep showing up on our ballots was short-sighted and pandering. And for no logical reason, it really got up my nose that she chose to market herself as 'Chris' Gregoire. What, we don't know she's a she? My vote was absolutely a vote against Dino Rossi.

But wow, what a lot of backbone Ms. Gregoire has shown in this race. I have nothing but respect for her tenacity. I don't know what's driving her, but I'm awe-struck by how much of it she seems to have.

"This wasn't about who wins the race," Gregoire said after the court ruling. "It's about protecting these voters' sacred right to have their legitimate votes counted." Hallelujah.

Ten votes. Never say your vote doesn't matter. Never.

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