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December 11, 2004

Target: ANWR

Since the news broke about the nominee Sect'y of Energy, I've been trying to find out who IS this guy, Sam Bodman. Because of the election and our collective frenzy over the erosion of our civil rights, it's easy to forget about what's happening with the environment while we're looking the other way.

We know the administration is dying to get in to ANWAR, just as as they'd been dying to get in to Iraq:

"We'll pursue more energy close to home in our own country and in our own hemisphere so that we're less dependent on energy from unstable parts of the world," Bush said.

His inexperience makes him look like just another Yes man in the agreeable Bush cabal. Dirt is hard to find on him, which will probably make him a shoe-in for approval. I did find this little bit from the Center for American Progress:

Samuel Bodman, III, deputy secretary of Commerce Bodman has led administration efforts to stall greenhouse gas controls from his position as chair of the federal Interagency Working Group on Climate Change Science and Technology, which took the lead in devising the administration’s “Climate Change Strategic Plan.” The National Academy of Sciences has criticized this plan for lacking tangible goals and agency responsibilities, and failing to build on prior science to assist policymakers. Previously, from 1988-2001,

Bodman was CEO/president of Cabot Corp., a major Boston based chemical producer. Cabot operates a “grandfathered” facility (built before 1972 and therefore allowed to evade major air pollution controls) that is one of the top polluters in Texas,10 and was cited in a 2002 United Nations report for illegally exploiting Congolese natural resources during the country’s civil war11 (charges Cabot denies). In October 2003, Bodman was nominated to be deputy secretary of the Treasury Department.

With the Republican majority sitting in the leg, ANWR is going to be a really hard one to save. It's time to start working those connections to constiutents with Republican reps. It's also time - again - to think about what you're driving and how often you're driving it. I'm a firm (and naiive) believer in voting with your gas tank.

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