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December 08, 2004

Will "sane republicans" ever introduce their money to their mouth?

That's the question Christopher Rice (Ann's son) asks in an open letter to Republican friends, as quoted on AMERICAblog"

Before gay marriage bans were passed in 11 states, my Republican friends had a simple message for me: "Don't panic. We hate those right-wing nut jobs as much as you do."

Now I have a message for them.

Prove it! Take back your party from the religious extremists who are doing so much to demonize the friends you're always willing to console. Stop posting maudlin, disingenuous e-mails on blogs about your deep regret over having to sacrifice your gay friends for more important issues....

There is one problem with this. It's a big one, so I have saved it for last. If you're successful in rescuing the Republican Party from the religious extremists who have held it hostage for almost two decades, you guys will have to say goodbye to a lot of cold, hard cash. I'll leave it to you folks to come up with a good term for a person who accepts money to betray his friends. (Try the Bible.)


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