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November 06, 2004

"A victory for people like us"

This WaPo article is required reading. It is important we try to have compassion for these people, who have been thoroughly deceived. They are not the problem. But the part of me that believes, like they do, in "personal responsibility" hopes they realize at some point that you can't eat "moral values," and that when your three kids get sick, health insurance is a bit more expedient than prayer alone.

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I think that rationality is unlikely to beat misguided religious conviction— significant, sustained pain might (especially in those confident enough to think independently). Somewhere in that pain, I hope the Democrats figure out how to reframe what they have to offer in terms that will help these evangelical voters believe that they can make a different choice and still join in the Rapture.

The voter is complicitous in the outcome of the election. I keep rethinking my subsequent comments, so I'm stopping for now (though a "red state" candidate who could restore belief in personal liberty and in leaving your neighbor alone when he's not messing with you would be a great boon).

Posted by: Gary on November 7, 2004 02:24 AM
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