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October 28, 2004

"A Soldier's Story"

From the wise and moderate Steve Clemons, confirmation of much of what I've heard about the military and Bush:

I JUST SAT NEXT TO A VERY TOUGH SOLDIER FROM THE 82ND AIRBORNE on a flight back from Europe. I have been thinking for two days about how to share some of the things he told me without compromising him.

This guy I met is not one prone to talk; he was very serious, very mellow -- and comes from a family of enlisted military men. His dad was in Vietnam.

He has had one rotation in Afghanistan, one in Iraq. He is now in Germany but will soon be transferred back to Iraq. He was at Tora Bora and has seen a lot of Iraqi, Afghan, and American dead.

According to him, 75% of all soldiers want Bush defeated in the election and don't care who defeats him; anger and resentment are high. He says that 90% of the officers remain far out of harm's way. From lietenants all the way up, there is general understanding that the officers are hiding in holes, or holding back in well-defended buildings and quite cavalier about sending troops out for assignments and errands that are frequently stupid, poorly planned, and dangerous.

From there, it gets more graphic, more depressing, and even weirder:

He shared quite a bit more, including that his military commanders are planning for at minimum an eight year deployment in Iraq, maybe longer. He also shared an interesting anecdote that about a year ago, certain commanders in the 82nd Airborne had been told to prepare for a quick incursion into Cuba. I was stunned.

He said, "Yep, we couldn't believe that on top of everything else, Bush thought he could go take out Castro." The Navy Seals were going to go in and do the dirty work, he said, and the "82nd was going to go in for clean-up." He said that he never heard more about it but that the orders clearly didn't go forward -- but they were prepared for that possibility and told that "Bush just wanted to take out Castro."

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No, -confirmation- there's a blurry line between brilliance and insanity which has been crossed.

Did this man have time to take a valid statistical sampling of "[ALL] soldiers" between his dodging bullets and sharing insightful hearsay? There's ALWAYS a nut or two out there volunteering "inside information" for the gullible to gobble up and pass on and on and on.

Certainly this was posted as a joke because I know you guys don't actually believe this. Thanks for making me smile.

I just sat next to a guy on a plane who told me to check this article:

Posted by: on October 30, 2004 10:58 AM

Right, anonymous coward... if it were someone other than Steve Clemons, whom I respect greatly, I would have doubted it. He's a serious journalist, a moderate, and a fellow Oklahoman. So smile all you want. But please don't post anonymously if you want to have a real discussion.

Posted by: jay on October 30, 2004 03:51 PM
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