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October 22, 2004

Relativists ARE part of the reality-based community

Italian and American scientists, presumably disloyal to Albert Einstein in applying the scientific method to prove his theory that objects warp space and time around them, have shown that the old boy was, in fact, correct.

Everybody breathe a big sigh of relief.

Or not. You know, think about it. As the earth rotates, it drags time and space in the direction of its movement, affecting nearby objects, such as satellites, noticeably. Changing time and space?! Are time and space at the heart of our experience of reality? This seems dangerously close to changing reality. The earth is constantly creating its own reality, then? So the earth is a republican? Or was Einstein, then? No, I think Einstein would have been a member of the RBC (reality-based community). He might have been socially inept, but he did participate in an awful lot of subversice RBC-related activities, like observing reality, studying it, and drawing conclusions based on those observations.

But the earth...Better watch out for that one.

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