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October 16, 2004

Thunderbirds are GO

I wasn’t a big fan of South Park, though I did get a good laugh out of the very early Santa vs. Jesus “is that Brian Boitano” years. I skipped the South Park movie and while, yeah, I could probably pick Kenny out of a line-up, I don’t really know who those kids are and why they’re funny. If they’re funny. I have been, and remain, however, a HUGE fan of the Thunderbirds. I saw the preview for the live action version of the Thunderbirds and thought it amusing, but kind of a yawn. However,I was a sucker for the Supermarionation of the South Park boys’ new epic, Team America.

I shoulda known better. Okay, okay, I did get a lot of laughs out of it. A lot. The music, of all things, is freakin’ hysterical and there’s some hilarious stuff about what happens when Team America comes to make your world a safer place. Also, I cracked up all over the place over a sequence that's shot with total disregard for scale. But a lot of the humor is pretty vulgar and some of it is just gross. I have a pretty low tolerance for the gross, humor or no.

I’m just letting you know, just in case you, too are a dyed in the wool Thunderbirds fan and know not so much of South Park. The characters are absolutely a nod to the Tracy family, but that kind of language never came out of Alan Tracy’s mouth. Team America could probably kick the Thunderbirds collective marionette asses, but you don’t want to invite them to dinner.

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