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September 13, 2004

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

The ghost of Orwell lingers heavy on this anniversary of 9/11. While Cheney continues to insist that the war in Iraq is the leading front on the War on Terror, it is becoming increasingly clear that not only are we losing Iraq to the insurgents, but that this unneccessary war has stripped us of perhaps the only chance we had to control terrorism, as this excellent essay explains. Choice quotes:

The US cleverly outfoxed al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, using air power and local Afghan allies (the Northern Alliance) to destroy the Taliban without many American boots on the ground.

Ironically, however, the Bush administration then went on to invade Iraq for no good reason, where Americans faced the kind of wearing guerrilla war they had avoided in Afghanistan...

After the Iraq War, Bin Laden is more popular than George W. Bush even in a significantly secular Muslim country such as Turkey. This is a bizarre finding, a weird turn of events. Turks didn't start out with such an attitude. It grew up in reaction against US policies.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration remains happy to admit known terrorists into US borders when it suits their political purposes.

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