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September 13, 2004

My Brief Career as a Republican

I'm a little worried about the Kerry campaign. See, I signed up to volunteer for them not once, not twice, but three times, and they have yet to contact me. Okay, I thought, the Kerry campaign is full in Seattle and they don't need me. All right. I'll go to the DNC. So I signed up with them twice. And I sent them an email with my phone number, the days I'd be available and a very brief blah de blah about what I know how to do. I stated I'd be willing to help out in any way I can and that I could start immediately. Have they called? Nope. Not once. I get the mass generated emails, the calls to host a debate party, the pleas to write to my senators or contact my neighbors, the stuff that makes the whole campaign seem like a video game. "Host a Q and A night, earn 10 points! Send email to your friends, earn 15 points!"

I don't want to win some virtual game that will get me a skateboard or a t-shirt or a trip to the Sun Dome. I want John Kerry to win the election. I decided to see what would happen if I signed up to volunteer for the GOP. I took a deep breath, went to the Bush/Cheney site, and clicked. I filled out the form, selecting "small business owners", "W is for women" and one other subgroup to join, and god help me, I hit submit. This took me to another form to fill out and that's where I was stumped. Here's the text:

By filling out this form, I acknowledge that I am endorsing President Bush for reelection. I understand that my name may be publicly released as a supporter of the President and that this is a personal, individual endorsement and my organization will be listed for identification purposes only. I further understand that I will be notified by Bush-Cheney '04 prior to being officially associated with Small Business Leaders for Bush-Cheney '04.

See, I ain't filling out a loyalty oath, no matter how cantankerous I'm feeling about the Kerry campaign. Plus, I don't see Bush as elected, so I certainly don't see him as getting reelected. Gad. So ended my days as a volunteer for the Republican party. I'm only mildly disappointed, after all, I was not looking forward to putting on pantyhose and heading over to the campaign HQ at Southcenter. I was probably looking for an excuse not to go through with it, and that creepy loyalty pledge was all I needed.

Still, I'm mad at the Kerry campaign. They've created this vast internet presence but they've overlooked that sitting at the other end of it are people like me. We're wired and willing, they just have to send us a note that says, "Thanks, come downtown on Tuesday at 1030 and talk with our volunteer coordinator." Which is what I'm going to do, even though I've not been invited. I'll ask them if they need help getting in touch with the folks who have volunteered for the campaign, because clearly, they are falling down in that arena. Or maybe they'll tell me they are so overstaffed with eager volunteers that they don't need me. That would be okay too, so long as they tell me SOMETHING.

It's a good thing I'm not a swing voter, or I'd be swallowing the bitter pill of Republicanism because of this.

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