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August 27, 2004

What goes around, comes around

Al French, a prosecutor in the Portland area, recently joined in the "Swift Boaters are Liars" mess when he swore that John Kerry was lying about his Vietnam record. French was there, but had no part in the specific events, nor did he have personal knowledge about the events. After this attorney was challenged about the veracity of his affidavit, he admitted that his testimony was based on his very good friends' knowledge. Oh, OK, then.

Well, turns out that Mr. French has had a problem with telling the truth on more than this occasion. He is being placed on leave because it turns out that he lied about having an affair with a secretary (this would have been grounds for dismissal as it violated the office rules). He lied to keep his job and has now been busted. Also seems that he was fired before (and later reinstated by a new boss) for taking an unauthorized four-week leave.

Let me just state for the record: "Other attorneys hate guys like this. He is not representative of those of us with integrity."

Read the whole Oregonian article here.

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