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August 23, 2004

Erm, thanks ever so, old chap, but I couldn't possibly!

TBogg picks up the news about the latest wrinkle in the "special relationship."

BRITISH Prime Minister Tony Blair is refusing to fly to the US to receive a medal bestowed on him by the nation for his support over last year's Iraq war, a London newspaper reported today.

US President George W. Bush has put huge pressure on his closest ally to pick up the Congressional Medal of Honour in person, the Sunday Mirror said, quoting a senior British government source.

Mr Blair is immensely popular with large sections of the American public for his staunch support of the Iraq war and the White House believes a visit by the prime minister now would provide a much-needed boost to Mr Bush's re-election campaign, the weekly said.

"There has been a lot of telephone traffic between the White House and Downing Street over the medal in recent week," the Sunday Mirror quoted a senior government source as saying.

"George Bush wants the prime minister to come to Washington and pick up the medal, which is the highest honour America can bestow on a foreigner.

"But he has refused for more than a year now and for good reason. He cannot possibly accept an award for the Iraq war when British and American troops continue to risk their lives there."

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I always thought that the Congressional Medal of
Honor goes to soldiers, sailors, airmen and coast
guardsmen for valor in action against an enemy of
the United States. They are the bravest of the brave.
Congressional Awards goes to civilians for out-
standing and meritorious service executed for a
noble and worthy cause in the U.S.
The C.M.H. and C.A. awards are different awards,
I do believe.

Posted by: John Slanchik on August 30, 2004 12:00 PM
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