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August 11, 2004

Rugby W style: lies and penalties

The New York Daily News Daily Dish & Gossip column today has a bit on Bush lying about playing "varsity rugby" at Yale. Ha.

Varsity mendacity?: With all the controversy about John Kerry's Vietnam medals and ribbons, who'd have thought that loyal George W. Bush aide Karen Hughes would be the one to catch the President fibbing about a supposed varsity letter? In her new book, "Ten Minutes From Normal," Hughes recounts a conversation with Bush after Russian President Vladimir Putin grilled him on his Yale days.

"President Putin knew you had played rugby, but he didn't have the context. I mean, you just played for one semester in college, right?" Hughes said.

Bush corrected: "I played for a year, and it was the varsity."

Yesterday, a Yale spokeswoman confirmed that there's no such thing as varsity rugby at Yale - not when Bush was an undergrad in the 1960s and not today.

There is, however, this record of W suckerpunching a fellow rugger. (I bet he was a back, too.) Here's Kos's quote from the yearbook caption about that photo:

Incidentally, while rugby is a contact sport, every player knows that tackling above the shoulders is a foul. So is leaving your feet during a tackle. Either of these is serious enough that the other team is immediately awarded a penalty kick, often directly resulting in points for the other team.

So even without throwing a punch, Bush is already well outside fair play.

Grasping an opponent by the back of the head and punching him in the face is beyond the pale -- I've watched rugby avidly for years, and I've never seen it during an open-field tackle like this, honest -- and will typically result in a player being immediately sent off.

That's it--let's red-card the bastard for suckerpunching our democracy, sending soldiers to needless death, and of course, for that chimpy little smirk we all see in our nightmares now.

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Phrase of the day award goes to Jay for "let's red-card the bastard for suckerpunching our democracy!" Right on. Out of admiration, I'm going to try to work that phrase in to conversation today.

Posted by: pam on August 11, 2004 10:57 AM
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