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August 06, 2004

US in Iraq: $15,000 per worker

This sad joke of long division comes to us from The Washington Note: the president (who hates big government handouts) is spending about $15,000 per working age US citizen in Iraq, counting all 2004 expenditures. He adds:

At a macro level, America has 5% of the world's population and is spending roughly half of what the entire world spends on defense but is not getting the security deliverables it deserves from the Pentagon. In the case of Iraq, the U.S. is spending about 10 times the per capita GDP of the average Iraqi citizen and is largely reviled and unappreciated.

Clearly, we are not getting good returns on this taxpayer money -- and our thinking about what constitutes security and stability -- and what the U.S. should spend money on to achieve its foreign policy objectives needs to be seriously rethought. More on that soon.

"Results matter," right George? I don't think all the king's Roves and and the king's Terror Alerts will be able to put 50.1% of the electoral vote together again.

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