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August 04, 2004

winning friends and influencing people

I know this will come as no surprise to you that the Coalition Provisional Authority was spending Iraqi money in violation of its own rules. We've heard the allegations of political favoritism, overcharging and waste. Now it seems that the CPA was using Iraqi money to pay for things that the US Congress would balk at.

This is one of the reasons that Bush could say unequivocally that he would invade again. Because knowing what he knows now he would still want all of his cronies and people in a position to do his administration a favor to get richer at the expense of Iraqi and US citizens. This was never about "freedom and democracy." This was about getting Halliburton's hands on the oil money that was previously going to French and Russian companies under the UN oil for food program.

Now that they have pillaged the Iraqis for more than a billion dollars do you think they will be satisfied? I'm betting no.

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