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August 03, 2004

Gulfs, Tonkin and Persian

Flawed intelligence, Texas-style politics, swift congressional action, patriotism, pre-approved military action—a piece done by Walter Conkrite that played yesterday on All Things Considered about the Gulf of Tonkin and the U.S. war against North Vietnam describes a situation that seems to have much in common with our recent activities in Iraq.

I caught part of the broadcast before heading in to the theater to see the new Manchurian Candidate, and just played the whole recording—the long, twenty-minute version—from NPR's web site. (I'm not sure what was cut to make the shorter version.) I recommend it. There's audio from Johnson, McNamara, and Oregon Senator Wayne Morse, whose comments in dissent with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution were prescient for what was to follow (but not quickly enough to prevent him from being ousted and replaced by Bob Packwood).

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A nice followup to all of that would be renting Errol Morris' documentary The Fog of War. It features Johnson's Sect'y of Defence, Robert McNamara talking about what he learned from the Vietnam War. You gotta see it.

Posted by: pam on August 4, 2004 07:49 AM

Good job

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