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August 02, 2004


This would have been more timely last week, but I was on vacation...

Did anyone else watch the Daily Show last week after the convention? Covering the night that Al Sharpton (my favorite of the candidates) spoke, my man Jon shows a truly energized crowd responding to Sharpton. It looked like a great speech. (I missed it live, only seeing the clip.) Then he flashes to the media ripping it to shreds for no apparent reason. Then he shows Brian Williams saying something to this effect: "Wow, you just threw-away your planned speech. What were you scatting up there?" Yes, you read correctly, Brian Williams referrred to his speech as "SCATTING".

Now, we all see, hear and read things that appal us on a daily basis. Usually I get over it in a few minutes with only residual body tension (this began approximately November 2000), but this PISSES ME OFF. Even this whitey sees this as the most blatent of racist statements...

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