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August 02, 2004

Things I Learned from the Flaming Pants

If you saw it driving around Seattle this weekend, odds are good that I was in it. But really, props go to two of my favorite people, Margot and Emily, who delivered the POFM to Seattle this weekend. We drove around handing out voter registration forms and flyers about the Bush administrationís doings.

Things I learned:

Just because someone drives a big-ass car, doesnít mean they vote Republican. Iíve always thought that transportation choice was a highly political act, but hey, not everyone sees it that way. Huh.

The African-American population of our city REALLY HATES the President. Whew, thereís a LOT of bile there! Also, the taxi drivers, they donít like him one bit. Dunno about where you live, but here lots of our taxi drivers are Indian and Somali. Hey, it adds up. Thank you Al Sharpton, hereís hoping you mobilized the African-American vote with that speech!

Even on the right wing, thereís pretty hefty disagreement with the GOP. A guy in a HUGE vehicle handed US a flyer about how rulers who claim they know what god wants are going straight to hell. Em said someone shouted at her, ďIím a Republican and I HATE BUSH!Ē And it went.

Political discourse, even dissenting, with the general public in our town is pretty civil. I can count on one hand the number of hostile remarks I heard Ė and still have fingers left over for the peace sign.

People in our neighborhood know how to share the love. Okay, I guess I knew that already. God, I love my neighborhood!

Hopefully, by the time you read this, Iíll have more pictures posted. But in the meantime, to learn about the Pants-on-Fire Mobile go here. And to read about our night out in the POFM, go here.

There are about 100 days until the election. Get out the vote!

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