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July 31, 2004

Hey You Seattlites—Magnuson Park Today

In 1874 in the far southwestern corner of New York State, an event was founded that provided a place where families could gather together for several days of education, inspiration, enlightenment, and enjoyment. From miles around people came in the summertime to an encampment along the shore of Lake Chautauqua where they heard from speakers of national renown, listened to bands and glee clubs, enjoyed plays, dined together, and generally engaged in an open forum for the discussion of public issues, literature, music, and science.

It was the Chautauqua movement that inspires Rolling Thunder, which is holding an event today out at Magnuson Park. The web site leaves something to be desired with regard to organization, but the event sounded great this morning on Mind Over Matters's Community Forum. AH! Here's the schedule for the main stage, and here's the schedule of workshops.

I have a small family reunion going at lunch time today, but I'm going to try to swing by Rolling Thunder later in the afternoon (it runs to 8 PM).

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