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July 22, 2004

Bush scuttles middle class tax cuts

From Pandagon:

"The White House helped to block a Republican-brokered deal on Wednesday to extend several middle-class tax cuts[.]"


"House and Senate Republicans had badly wanted to pass a popular tax-cutting bill before the Democratic convention next week."

"But in an improbable series of machinations, White House officials opposed the tentative deal worked out between House and Senate Republican leaders that would have extended the tax cuts for two years at a cost of about $80 billion."

...But...but...head hurts...must watch EX-treme Dating...

"[The Bush White House was] fearful of a bill that could draw Democratic votes and dilute a Republican campaign theme, Republican negotiators said."

As a commenter asked, why does Bush hate the middle class? The idea that this had to be blocked because it had TOO WIDE an appeal in Congress shows how insanely twisted the administration's Rove-driven policy/campaign has become.

Heaven forbid anyone dilute a Repub campaign theme--which is apparently "we have to kill the middle class to save it."

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