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July 15, 2004

The UnAmerican Practice of Thinking

With each column she does, I'm falling more in love with Barbara Ehrenreich. Really. The woman has a way with words, and what's more, her words actually make sense. I'm writing the Times today to suggest they keep her and dump someone else. This one is a winner.

Anyway, today she's discoursing on the "groupthink" that's being blamed for the ill-conceived decision to invade Iraq based on faulty evidence, (Though, interestingly, even though the entire world has now realized that the premises for invading Iraq were entirely bogus, Bush continues to defend the act. Talk about not flipflopping. This guy is like a pair of cement shoes.) and the general fear that's decended upon this country since 9/11 about not participating in groupthinking.

This line made me pause: "One thousand coalition soldiers have died because the C.I.A. was so eager to go along with the emperor's delusion that he was actually wearing clothes."

Bush is always telling us that these terrorists hate us because of our love of freedom, or some other such nonsense that doesn't make any sense unless you're incapable, like W, of reasoning beyond soundbites. But the their acts on September 11 and the cultural shift that occurred as a result has severely limited our love of freedom as a society, causing our nation to disdain it even, and reject it. So that seems to me like we're losing much more than 1000 coalition soldiers. We've pretty much already surrendered. Those guys in Iraq, then, are like the soldiers in the Battle of New Orleans, fighting to the bloody end, not realizing that the War of 1812 had already been called off.

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