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July 12, 2004

"Six Degrees of Columbine"

OK, from my inbox, today's candle to light against the darkness (though you should feel free to curse, too). Get to it, people! I will be adding the link presently.

I am writing to you and a few other bloggers asking for help. My name is Tom Mauser and my son Daniel was killed at Columbine High School. If we don't stand up to President Bush and the NRA right now, the assault weapons ban will expire and AK47s and Uzis will be back on our streets. Help honor the legacy of my son and prove that bloggers can make a difference! Thank you, Tom Mauser

So... Nonfamous readers can sign up on our personal petition page here. Please do so! It's a really cool site, but the way. We may want to look into this for VAhaters...

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