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July 07, 2004

US forces abusing child prisoners

Just when you thought the prison abuse scandals couldn't get any worse, a German TV crew interviews an American soldier who has seen child prisoners in Iraq abused (full translated trasncript at Sadly, No!):

One that knows something about this is Sergeant Samuel Provance, from the US Military. He spent half a year stationed at Abu Ghraib. Today, 5 months later, we meet him in Heidelberg. His superiors have strictly forbidden him to speak to journalists about what he experienced in Abu Ghraib. But Provance wants to talk about it nevertheless. His conscience troubles him. He discusses a 16-year old he handled:

"He was very afraid, very alone. He had the thinnest arms I had ever seen.
His whole body trembled. His wrists were so thin we couldn't put handcuffs on him. As I saw him for the first time and led him to the interrogation, I felt sorry. The interrogation specialists threw water over him and put him into a car, drove him around through the extremely cold night. Afterwards, they covered him with mud and showed him to his imprisoned father, on whom they'd tried other interrogation methods.

They hadn't been able to get him to speak, though. The interrogation specialists told me that after the father saw his son in this condition, his heart was broken, he started crying, and he promised to tell them anything they wanted.

Read the article. It just gets worse. Any chance the US media will pick this up before they absolutely have to?

Posted by jay at July 7, 2004 01:01 PM | TrackBack
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And what do you think any one of those Iraq terrorists would do to an American child? Chop of body parts, etc. You should be looking to the fact that we (the U.S.) helped thousands of Iraqi citizens from being tortured, or killed from the hands of Saddam and his thugs. You're talking about one example. Let's not forget that Al Quada, and all those other worthless groups recruit and have sixteen year old, and even younger, boys fighting for them. Any father would've talked, rather than see his own son interrogated. He was obviously hiding some information. Feel sorry for the boy all you want. It's all a part of war. During the Vietnam War, worse tortures were put on the American soldiers. It happens. Deal with it and move on. Report something positive from over there (Iraq).

Posted by: Jerrad Morris on February 10, 2005 11:22 PM

Toture in any form should be exposed and condemned. You can not justify the actions of US soldiers violating the Geneva Convention by pointing to things that might have happened. In fact, NOTHING justifies torture. It doesn't provide reliable intelligence and it doesn't persuade populations to be more cooperative. It breeds hatred and contempt and puts our soldiers in worse danger. It is a heinous and horrible crime.

If there was something positive to report in Iraq, it would be reported. I suppose there is the election - they only had to institute complete martial law across 14 provinces for 30 days in order to bring it off but they did. Unfortunately, it did not meet the "free and fair" standards that are necessary for any legitimate election. But as long as the Bushies get some political mileage out of it I suppose that is all that matters.

Posted by: terry on February 11, 2005 10:13 AM

theses r some nasty guys and i hope they rot in hell for that and
when i see one of tem i will torture them myself

Posted by: jasmine on February 18, 2005 06:13 AM
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