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July 02, 2004

Give to Kerry today!

Listen folks, however you feel about the man and his campaign style to date, today is the day to go to his website and donate. Even if it's only $25 or $50, it makes a difference. This post on Daily Kos explains just how much. Small donors giving over the Internet may well give Kerry the money he needs to beat Bush; he's already the best-funded challenger in history, and much of that is because of small donations. What's more, many small donations help water down the importance of the fewer large ones, meaning that Kerry owes giant corporations and special interests fewer favors once he's elected. But it takes a lot of us to equal one Enron, Halliburton, or Chevron.

Most people don't know that once the Convention is over and he accepts the final Federal matching money payment for the general election, he cannot raise any more funds. We can still give to groups like MoveOn for get out the vote and other activities, but whatever Kerry has at the end of July is what he has through to November 2.

So go, now. Donate! Whatever you can (up to $2,000, of course). Once you have, please post a comment.

That's right, I'm taking roll on this one. I gave $50 on Wednesday but chipped in enough more today to at least buy some peripatetic Kerry staffer lunch. Some of you might have forgotten that I used to make my living as a fundraiser... but for the rest of the month, my harangues will be unmistakable. Every Friday in July is John Kerry Day. Give early, give often, and give as much as you can--even it's only $10. Give until it hurts, my friends--because losing the election in November would be infinitely more painful.

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I've been holding off on donations while I try to get a grip on my own fiscal issues—and to all the other organizations that are accustomed to getting my money around this time of year (except Velocity and KEXP), I'm sorry to say that you take a back seat to the presidential election. However, I just kicked in enough to John & John for about a dozen martinis at a good bar.

Posted by: Gary on July 12, 2004 09:29 AM

Yeah. I was inspired to donate again by the Monday morning outrage meter zooming well into the red zone.

Hey, Jay, if you wanna track who's supporting who, check out

Posted by: paulette on July 12, 2004 09:59 AM
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