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July 01, 2004

Great Nation article on Bush's HIV sham

Well, leave it to The Nation to point out how completely successful the Bush administration has been at snowing the media, including the NYT. (Seriously, check this Google News query and see how little attention it's getting!)

Apparently the Grey Lady was so moved that Bush uttered the word "condom" last month in a speech that they completely failed to mention the outrageous new CDC guidelines--showing again how even supposedly reputable media organizations are failing us in their most basic reportorial activities.

The Times article didn't even mention these new CDC censorship guidelines, or include any comment on Bush's speech in light of them from Administration critics.They even failed to notice the large and noisy ACT-UP demonstration outside the speech. Dissent wouldn't have been hard to find: When asked about the CDC regs, Representative Barney Frank told The Nation that "one has to reach back to Stalin and Lysenko to find an ideological distortion of science this complete." And Representative Henry Waxman called the CDC guidelines "shameful," and only the latest anti-condom move by an Administration whose policies have been "overwhelmingly suppressing and distorting science" for political purposes (as a sop to the Christian right).

There's Lysenko again, that bastard! Except now I think he's galloping, not just creeping along.

I was exercised about this today, so I thought I'd call Jim McDermott's office. What a painful experience! The guy on the phone spent 10 minutes telling me that this sort of thing happens all the time and there's not much more to do than submit a comment. I finally got him to promise to follow up and find out if the DC office was tracking the issue.

I got much more of a response from an email to David Schmader of The Stranger, who we now know from Virginia stuff. He was similarly outraged and sent it on to Dan Savage, promising they would cover it.

This is clearly one of those stories that for whatever reason the major media are asleep at the wheel on. Thank God for blogs and alternative papers!

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