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June 30, 2004

Bush's War on HIV... education

Just to prove the gravity of the things that are slipping under the radar these days, I had to hear from the great security risk blog about Bush's plan to censor sex-education plans. Wait, not censor, GUT. Not just ignoring condoms, but denouncing them. Read more in the LA Weekly, which says the laws go even further, blocking the vital research that lets us know how people actually get HIV:

Under the new regs, it will be impossible even to track the spread of unsafe sexual practices -- because the CDC's politically inspired censorship includes "questionnaires and survey materials" and thus would forbid asking people if they engage in specific sexual acts without protection against HIV. For that too would be "obscene." (Questions about gay kids have already disappeared from the CDC's national Youth Risk Survey after Christian-right pressure).

The new regulations are in their "comment period" until August 16. So right this minute, send an email (cc: a few hundred friends, too!) and tell the CDC that if they won't tell kids how important condoms are, we'll start stopping every teen we see and showing them how to put one on. I mean sure, we'd get arrested, but it seems a small price to pay.

I ask you again--is this our country? From a President who seeks to get credit for fighting AIDS in Africa, the true obscenity is his willingness to help spread it here.

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That is simply the most fucked-up thing I have ever seen. AARGH!

Posted by: david on July 1, 2004 08:58 AM

I never would have thought that one person could embody such complete evil. Has Bush ever done anything at all that doesn't add evidence to his being probably the lousiest human being in this country.

The worst part is that they are going beyond even just making schools eliminate programs that don't increase HIV, STD, and pregnancy rates, but they'll be threatening other non-governmental service organizations from distributing any content not scoured and cleaned by their thought police, or lose their federal funding, which would mean the end of a lot of these programs. So basically, the choice is either contribute to making the problem worse, or do nothing.

Posted by: paulette on July 1, 2004 09:41 AM
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