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June 28, 2004

Could the wagons be circling already?

It hasn't been a good summer for the Bush Adminstration, what with Abu Ghraib and the 9/11 commission and Michael Moore to rub the salt into the wound. But something tells me things might get much, much worse.

No-one's saying it out loud yet, but the indications are there. Joe Klein in Time suggests that the recent irritability of Bushies -- Cheney's F-bomb, Wolfie's blast at journalists -- is related to looming revelations, rather than events already passed. Could it be the forthcoming tome from an anonymous CIA official describing failures in the war on terror? (As the author of Primary Colors, Klein has experience in anonymous revelations.) Or could it be simmering scandal around the uranium-from-Niger-to-Saddam story, hinted at on TalkingPointsMemo? And could those hints be related to these conspiracy-laden ramblings about an impeding coup d'état by the CIA following the Valerie Plame outing? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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