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June 25, 2004

Iacocca endorses Kerry, Cheney cusses, and Fox lies

For people like my Dad, Lee Iacocca embodies the idea of "CEO as Patriotic Hero." So the news that Iacocca is endorsing Kerry is pretty huge. He stumped for Bush in 2000, but now says "the country needs a change," in large part due to job losses sustained under W. This will be big news in swing states like Michigan and Ohio.

The news might even provoke Cheney to cuss him out, just like he did Sen. Patrick Leahy yesterday on the floor of the Senate. (If only it had been televised so the FCC could sue him!) "Cheney, the aide said, abruptly ended the conversation with a vulgar directive to Leahy. The exact phrasing used is unclear," says the Boston Globe, which in my mind is a pretty clear fig leaf for "go fuck yourself." I could observe on the complete hypocrisy of GOP calls for civility and righteousness, but that's exactly what I'd like to say to Cheney myself if I ran into him on the floor of the Senate so I won't fight for the high ground too hard. (I actually spent some time on the floor of the Senate during my internship for Sen. Boren--the chamber is much smaller than it looks on camera).

Speaking of swing states and news that makes Republicans utter profanities, check out, which has Kerry leading 300-238 taking the latest polls into account. They also report that Fox News' latest Florida poll diverges wildly from that of Repub-leaning independent pollster Scott Rasmussen, wondering aloud "if Fox polls are reliable."

Democratic CEOs, cussing Repubs, and questions about Fox's trustworthiness. Yes, today looks like a day when all the things we count on have been called into question!

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Oooh... CNN has a better story on it!

Posted by: jay on June 25, 2004 01:23 PM
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