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June 24, 2004

All Daily Show, all the time

Fact: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is indispensible. If I didn't watch this show, I could never bear to watch the actual news (following the Jimmy Buffet Doctrine that if we couldn't laugh we'd all go insane).

But I know that there are some people who do not have the particular combination of DirecTV and Tivo that lets David and I get our fix whenever we need it. So rectify this problem, I am happy to provide a link to the Daily Show's website, which is replete with amazing clips of the show. If you can only watch a couple, be sure to see Rob Corddry get freaked out by an anti-gay activist with an overactive imagination, or Stephen Colbert's surreal interview with nouveau-Repub Don King.

Unfortunately I can't find a clip of Jon Stewart ripping Stephen Hayes a new one Monday night (but you can read part of the transcript here). Hayes, author of "The Connection," a poorly reported piece of propanda about those "relationships" Saddam and Al Qaeda had, was utterly demolished, and knew it. Stewart is a great host even when he clearly disagrees with the guest, but for once he totally took the gloves off and went in for the kill. I was too exhausted to listen to an idiot like Hayes and (stupidly) went to bed befoe the show was over. But from what David and everyone else says about it, it was like watching a lion eat a particularly smart-ass gazelle. I'm sure a clip will turn up somewhere soon.

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We watched that interview the other night. I actually felt bad for the guy. He didn't seem like the usual rabid right-winger. He conceded some points and Jon Stewart tried to be non-partisan...but basically said "I'm trying to neutral here, but come on, all the Republicans are objectively crazy, so it's hard to be."

The guy clearly wrote the book before the 9/11 Commission came out with its findings last week and had the bad timing to be on tour when the findings were released. Sad thing is that it won't do a thing to his sales. Democrats would never buy it anyway, and Republicans discount everything that contradicts what Bush and Co. tell them, so they will buy it in the same numbers as before.

I love Jon. But really the more interesting interview was when he made fun of Jennifer Love Hewitt to her face while she was promoting "Garfield". Now that was priceless.

Posted by: Marti on June 24, 2004 12:18 PM
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