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June 21, 2004

Hotmail blocks Gmail

This Slashdot article shows us how bareknuckle Google's competitors are getting. Basically, Hotmail users who are sent mail from (or invitations to join) Gmail never see the mail. The senders never get a bounce. This represents an attack on the fundamental innovation and openness that make the Internet work. If Microsoft gets away with this and others follow suit, this would be far worse for email than spam. (Yahoo puts Gmail messages in the "bulk sender" box, despite the fact that Gmail is so far a tiny, invitation-only beta.) For a long time I've been frightened of this kind of corporate Balkanization of the web, but never thought Microsoft would go this far.

If Google would offer an IM client, I'd be off Hotmail completely. From what I've seen of Gmail, it's about a million times better. Microsoft needs to innovate, not knock over the chess board like a spoiled child.

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The other day at lunch in the "future of the past" cafeteria at building 35, my companion and I were discussing MS's current failure to innovate. "It's time for them to go around really breaking some shit," we both agreed. "At least that way, they'd have to fix it." Instead, MS is in a struggle to entrench itself in power by bullying the competition, instigating byzantine processes designed to make work for self-important players, bloating the management layer, and paying homage to the almighty Windows.

It's like working for the government out there these days, people. Innovative? It feels like they've forgotten how. I used to be full of praise for Bill's idea ranch in Redmond, but these days, it's hard to come up with something good to say. Um, the grounds sure are nicely landscaped. That's something that's aging well.

Posted by: [email protected] on June 23, 2004 01:30 PM

"It's like working for the government out there these days, people." Word.

Posted by: Marvin on June 23, 2004 05:52 PM
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