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June 18, 2004

Doctorow tells it straight to MS

I've done some work for the Microsoft DRM folks, all smart people. Another smart person is Cory Doctorow, an EFF staffer, sci-fi writer, and one of the guys behind BoingBoing. He was recently invited by wicked smart people at Microsoft Research to give them his thoughts on why Microsoft shouldn't develop DRM technologies.

He's a few years late, but his arguments are solid. Especially in an environment when Senatorial idiots like Orrin Hatch are poised to broaden copyright to the point where little in the way of artistic or technological innovation will be feasible. If these expansions of copyright are the rope, DRM is the noose. On the other hand, if we could roll copyright back to its Constitutional roots, I'd be all for better protection for IP owners. (More on this today on Slashdot)

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