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June 16, 2004

Forget the polls

Thanks to our ridiculous white elephant electoral college system, tiny fractions of the populations of just a few states will decide the election. While it has been interesting to look at the simple percentage polls, it's getting close enough that we need to start worrying about electoral votes.

The Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004 lets you do just that. Bush is currently ahead by 18 votes according to the site's projections.

The margins in some of these states are so small that everyone needs to do what they can to ensure that people in those states vote (for Kerry) in November. Those of you with friends in Michigan (17 votes), Wisconsin (10 votes), and Virginia (13 votes) need to call them with a big pep talk--those states are listed as "barely Bush." Perhaps waking up Virginia liberals on their state issues will help a bit in getting them to the polls in November--or maybe they will all have moved elsewhere by then!

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