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June 10, 2004

It's the end of the world as we know, and W feels fine

Now, I know it would be disingenuous for me to claim that I don't have a streak of conspiracy theorist in me, or that I'm not prone to at least a little bit of paranoia about the underground dealings of the people that run this country, even in the best of times. But I'm generally also a bit blase about the whole thing. I mean, I kind of believe some of the conspiracy theory stuff I'll spout every so often (like who I think was really behind Sept 11), but I'm not really sure I actually believe it. Essentially, how most of us probably feel about the more believable alien plot lines on the X-Files.

But I am really trying hard not to believe any of the stuff in Neal Pollack's Stranger piece today. I really want to believe that Neal has developed an unnatural fascination with Agent Scully and it's addling his brain. But I can't, because as unbelievable and terrifying a lot of what he covers in the article is, knowing good ol' W, it's probably true.

And I had read the bit about Bush consulting with the freakshows of the Pentecostal church to change US policy toward Isreal in attempt to bring about the apocalypse in the Village Voice a few weeks ago. So, I can't really accuse him of making that one up.

And, a fair amount of the scary shit he covers he got from Frontline's "The Jesus Factor," which I missed (for better or for worse) but which also provides some ample evidence that Bush is pretty much on his way to turning the whole of America into New Jonestown.

And I guess I missed where Rumsfeld decided to rename Abu Ghraib prison, Camp Repemption. But the Guardian covered it, too, so Neal didn't pull that one out of his paranoid fantasy either.

I'll tell you, I nearly shorted out my computer keyboard this afternoon by spitting out the swig of soda I'd just taken upon reading that undersecretary of defense Jerry Boykin, after September 11 went around on a preaching tour of Christian churches claiming that "George Bush was not elected by a majority of voters in the U.S. He was appointed by God."

If that's not enough to scare the pants off everyone of you, then you need to start watching more X-Files reruns, people. The man is nuts, and what's worse, he's surrounded by Jesus freaks foaming at the mouth imagining themselves as heros of the next Left Behind installment. He's crazy as a loon.

Of course, if he was appointed by God, then I guess it's reasonable for him to claim that he's not bound by the laws of men, either.

But in the end what really scares me is how many people in this country will gladly take that cup of Kool-Aid when he hands it to them.

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