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June 09, 2004

Signal Orange: amazing idea, amazing execution

My good friend and colleague Kevin has launched SIGNAL ORANGE ahead of the GOP convention in New York. Check out the site... it's just amazing. Priority for participation is New York, but if you really want to get involved, I could probably talk him into agreeing to a Seattle chapter.

Working with people this smart and committed is probably the best part of my job. Kevin is also the guy who got the Virginia site its kick-ass blog postings.

Posted by jay at June 9, 2004 01:50 PM | TrackBack
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Thanks Jay for the praise, and for the exposure on the site.

We're not sure if it will make sense to send them to folks outside of New York, unless it's to people who have significant media presence, but I've made exceptions. So if you're interested, please read through the site first, but if you want a shirt, there's a new form page to help us process that.

But just as importantly, we need your help to spread the word. So we set up a page that makes it easy to do so, in your own words, or ours.

Seriously? We're talking about the possibility of changing a few votes here. Any help you can provide makes a real difference. Thanks to Jay and nonfamous, and thanks to everyone who's been so supportive thus far.


Posted by: kevin slavin on June 9, 2004 07:31 PM
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