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June 05, 2004

Never Too Old To Hit the Street

David Dellinger, famously known as one of the Chicago Seven/Eight, died on Tuesday at age 88. During the '69 trial for his involvement in what became a riot at the Democratic National Convention, he was known as the old man, and at age 85, he got up at 2:45 AM to lead a protest against FTAA Quebec.

Here's a quote in some versions of the AP story. At the trial for the DNC incident, when Judge Julius Hoffman invited Dellinger to address the court during sentencing, Dellinger continued to speak after the judge ordered him to stop.

"You want us to be like good Germans, supporting the evils of our decade, and then when we refused to be good Germans and came to Chicago and demonstrated, now you want us to be like good Jews, going quietly and politely to the concentration camps while you and this court suppress freedom and the truth," Dellinger told the judge. "And the fact is, I am not prepared to do that."

Dellinger deserves for me to say more about him, but I gotta run.

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