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May 05, 2004

What was that pot calling the kettle again?

I find it distressing, if not surprising, that the race between Kerry and Bush is still so close. Though I know there is plenty of time before the election, it still would make me feel better if Kerry had a strong lead early on (similar to the way I feel about Yankees/Mariners games).

But the fact that Kerry's been hurt by Bush attack ads accusing him of being indecisive and pandering to special interests really makes me worry that the good people of this country are monumentally stupid. Uhm, so special interests would not include the logging, energy, coal, agribusiness, or automotive industries right? Because those are pretty much the only interests Bush even gives notice to.

And sure, it's true that Bush doesn't waffle, and he isn't indecisive. As we all know, when he makes a decision, he sticks with it, regardless of what happens to prove he was wrong.

Or the Bush campaign accusing Kerry of being "another rich liberal elitist from Massachusetts who claims hes a man of the people." Because Bush is not just a rich, ultraconservatice elitist from Texas who claims he's a main of the people?


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