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May 05, 2004

The govenator

It's nice to know that Governor Schwarzenegger is handling the tough issues facing his administration head on.

I like this part of the story best:

"This will depend on what it is people are buying: a bobblehead of Schwarzenegger like they would buy one of Britney Spears, or is the bobblehead making a political statement, which would be protected by the First Amendment," said Los Angeles attorney Robert N. Benjamin.

I can't help but wonder what, exactly, that political statement would be. That he bobbles on issues? That his head is disproportionately Republican? That he can benefit Ohio's economy as well as California's? That it was his venture into comedy that ruined his film career? That he's actually the pop tart's biological father?

And who says that buying a Britney Spears bobblehead is inherently not a political statement? The quagmire of issues this brings up is really quite intricate, isn't it?

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