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April 30, 2004

Better off under Saddam?

The Iraqis in these horribly disturbing pictures probably were better off before the Americans arrived. Wow... I'm proud to be an American looking at these. And you have to figure for every outrage like this that comes to light there are 10 more we don't know about. Because of course the US media can't discuss these things. (God bless the Memory Hole.) What's worse, "private military contractors" (read: mercenaries) are doing far worse things with impunity, because nobody on the ground in Iraq can decide who has jurisdiction. (We'll know it is really here the day the government starts blocking the Guardian's website.)

One thing you can be sure of... the Iraqi raped by a PMC isn't making a big distinction between uniformed military and Pentagon contractor. In his terrified, dehumanized eyes it's just another American. We're creating terrorists wholesale in Iraq, making true the fatuous lies W told to get us there in the first place.

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